E-Processing & Imaging

Today we offer a family of document management solutions that manage and provide immediate access to one of your company's most valuable assets - documents. That means you never have to waste valuable time searching for documents again.

We offer a set of integrated software components and services that provide your organization with an easy-to-use "turnkey" solution that manages both scanned and electronically created documents. These solutions can be either in-house or completely outsourced to us.

From software to hardware, from applications to processes, we bring your document management tools in-house, on-line, in a cost-effective way.

Information Management

We offer a cost effective, electronic documents repository that is comprised of sophisticated software and integration services. This "turnkey" document management / document warehousing solution can easily expand with your company's needs.

Now both scanned and electronically created documents can be managed effortlessly by the application users. Images that have been converted from paper or electronic formats are stored on the network and accessed from Windows™ based platforms.

Open, edit and save documents stored directly from popular Windows™ applications such as Microsoft Word™, Powerpoint™. and many others. Search and publish with the Document Management Client software.

Our approach provides numerous benefits. These can range from the ability to exchange secure information to increased user productivity and efficiency. The value to you is the bottom-line cost savings.

Interested in learning more about these solutions? Ask your sales representative about the opportunities.

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